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Thank you so much to all of my angels that believe in me and my work. It's because of you that I can live my dream. They say confidence is what makes a girl beautiful, and beauty brings confidence, I am blessed with the ability to bring out both in someone, and I hope that next someone is YOU!


Angel Samples is a nationally and internationally award winning photographer, makeup artist, and business owner in Greenville, South Carolina.  At the age of 18 Angel was a model working independently as well as a contracted model with About Face Models modeling agency where she worked various jobs throughout the United States.  It was through her experience with modeling where she found her passion for hair and makeup.  In 2011, she attended cosmetology school.  After attending school, she fell in love with photography, perhaps by happenstance, while helping a friend.  There, finding one of her greatest passions and chosen career, photography. In 2013, she opened a 1500 sq ft photography studio that provided hair, makeup and photography in downtown Greenville, S.C.  But Angel's career aspirations did not stop there.  In November of 2014, Angel expanded her photography business moving into a 3500sq ft building in beautiful downtown Easley.  With her expansion another dream of Angels was created, Angel Studios Boutique.  Through Angel Studios Boutique Angel was able to share her passion for style by offering some of the latest and greatest fashion trends for pageant girls. After the birth of her daughter in 2017, she made the decision to close her boutique and focus on creating her own full line of costmetics. She finished her makeup line in December of 2019 and now offers it in studio and online on

 During the 2020 pandemic, Angel started a complete build of a new studio that she designed. She accomplished a big dream of hers when she finished that build in the summer of 2021. She looks forward to sharing her personal space with all of her clients to come. 

Angel's passion outside her business career is spending time with her loving husband, Luke, whom she married in November 2012. After battling infertility for 4 years, Angel gave birth to her rainbow baby in September of 2017, Porter.  Angel is also passionate about giving back to the community.  Angel believes that it is her obligation to give back when she has been so abundantly blessed.  She enjoys working with organizations such as Relay for Life, Toys for Tots,  and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Through the Big Brother Big Sister program, she became a big sister to a sweet little girl named, Jala.

Angel is experienced in all phases of pageantry.  As a hair and makeup artist, pageant photographer, stylist, and pageant judge. She truly enjoys all aspects of the pageant world.  Although Angel is a very busy business woman, she absolutely loves what she does and the people she has the pleasure to work with. She believes she was blessed with the greatest career God has to offer her. One of her favorite quotes is, "When you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life."  It is through her angels that she works with daily that she is able to live out her dream every day.

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